Riding Safely – What You Need To Know

motorbike safety gear

A motorcycle can be a great way to have fun, a nice mode of transportation, or a sport, but regardless of the use you give to your motorcycle, it is important to keep yourself as safe as possible. A motorcycle can be deadly as it can be fun. In a motorcycle you don’t have the same protection you would have in a car; in case of an accident you don’t have airbags nor are protected by a cage of steel like you would on a car to protect you, so it is up to you to prevent fatal injuries.

motorbike safety gearPerhaps the motorcycle equipment that has saved the most lives is a helmet. Your head is incredibly vulnerable when you suffer from a motorcycle accident and head trauma can cause death, so having extra protection is a factor that can save your life.

Another safety measure you can take to reduce your risks while driving a motorcycle is to avoid speeding. Yes, I know that speeding on a motorcycle can be extremely fun, especially if you have a racing bike, but the dangers outweigh the excitement. A motorcycle going at high speeds is more likely to lose control, besides there is nothing to hold your body if you accidentally crash so you are very likely to end up severely injured.

Learn to ride a motorcycle before attempting to do anything serious. There are a lot of training programs out there that will teach you the basics about motorcycle riding and tips to avoid accidents; they are conducted by trained people that will help you learn the right way.

Never dare to ride your motorcycle drowsy or drunk, ever! A motorcycle behaves very differently than a car does so you can’t afford distractions or small errors. Being drowsy or distracted in a car, while still dangerous, most of the time ends up with the driver hitting the sidewalk or gaining consciousness before something bad happens. In a motorcycle, the story is very different. A slight swipe of the wheel or a bump in a sidewalk can make the rider completely lose control causing important damage.

Your clothing and the colour of your motorcycle can also be another safety factor to consider. Bright colours make you more visible to other drivers, so it can prevent some of the accidents caused by them don’t see you. If you are a fan of leather jackets because let’s face it, you will look much cooler in this clothing, then you might want to choose a bright coloured motorcycle.

Author: Phillip Fowler

Motorbike and Dirt Bike enthusiast.